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SPECIAL (benefits and advantages):

Bela Krajina is a part of the Kolpa River Valley (Slovenian: Pokolpje), a region for which the government programme of encouraging competitiveness and development aid measures in the period 2011–2016 was implemented (i. e. Pokolpje programme):

Measure 1 – a 2011–2016 competitiveness promotion programme in Pokolpje region worth EUR 20,000,000: the most important objective for companies are public tenders for encouraging initial investments and creation of jobs;

Measure 2 – reimbursement of social security contributions;

Measure 3 – tax reliefs for hiring and investing: a taxable person may claim a reduction of the tax basis by 70 % of the employee’s costs or 70 % of the amount invested in new initial investments;

Measure 4 – incentives for sustainable rural development from the Rural Development Programme;

Measure 5 - guarantees with interest rate subsidies for investment loans to companies in the Pokolpje region under regional guarantee schemes for Southeastern Slovenia

In addition to these measures, Pokolpje region or rather Bela Krajina is the priority area of development policies in the period 2011–2016.


In Bela Krajina there are 20 enterprise zones for pursuing economic activities. Building plots with utilities are available at very attractive prices, ranging from 9 to 25 EUR per sq m.

Larger business zones are: Business Park TRIS Kanižarica (Črnomelj) Business and Service Zone Pri Pildu (Metlika), Business and Service Zone Vrtača (Semič). In all business zones plots for new buildings are available, as well as modern shop-floors, the largest one with the surface of 6,000 sq m being in the Industrial park SECOP in Črnomelj.

Bela Krajina is also a holiday destination where investment will meet opportunity. Findings of natural thermal waters can be used. The region offers a favourable environment for investing in tourism and support infrastructure projects that make sense for both sides as “win-win” scenarios. More than half of Bela Krajina is covered by woods. The nearby Kočevsko region may also be a provider of quality wood for biomass, furniture or other wood products. Bela Krajina is a sunny region, with a lot of opportunities for use of solar energy.    


The Bela Krajina Region at the south-east of Slovenia stretches along the Slovenian-Croatian border with favourable state of environment and offers high quality living potential. It is partly a flat country, suitable for agriculture, interrupted by rolling hills which are covered with vineyards and forests. Bela Krajina along with the River Kolpa, European Destination of Excellence 2010, gives plenty of opportunities for sport and tourism investments.

Bela Krajina lies close to (20 km) the largest Croatian motorway interchange (Zagreb-Split-Rijeka) and is connected by 30 km long regional road with the regional centre Novo mesto, from where motorway leads to Ljubljana (70 km) and Zagreb in Croatia (80 km). Railway connects Bela Krajina with Ljubljana and Zagreb.    


Bela Krajina has the population of 27,000.  Črnomelj (6,000 inhabitants) with general and vocational-technical upper secondary school, Metlika (3,500 inhabitants) and Semič (1,500 inhabitants) are the largest towns and have enterprise zones. A high percentage of population is skilled in technical operations, since there has been a long tradition of textile, mechanical, metal-working and other industry in the region. A rather considerable unemployment rate offers substantial supply of quality workforce. Among unemployed workers, approximately 1,100 have primary education, 750 secondary and 100 have higher education (August 2011). Approximately 1,400 inhabitants of Bela Krajina are students and on yearly basis there are around 200 graduates.   


The region has preserved unpolluted and untouched environment with fertile land and vast forests. Among the most prosperous industries there are:

  • electromechanical
  • metal-working
  • plastic manufacturing
  • products of wood
  • household goods
  • tourism


Further information on investment opportunities, the business environment and incentives can be obtained from the contact point:


Razvojno informacijski center Bela krajina

(Development - Information Centre Bela Krajina)

Address:  Trg svobode 3, 8340 Črnomelj, Slovenia
mob:      +386 7 40 740 738
fax:        +386 7 30 56 531
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