TRIS Kanižarica Črnomelj

Technological and development industrial zone TRIS Kanižarica Črnomelj


The Business Zone TRIS Kanižarica is dedicated to new domestic and foreign investors. It represents an upgrade of the existing industrial zone, which is located in the area of the Kanižarica coal mine in the process of closure, and hosts numerous successful companies. Within the Business Zone TRIS Kanižarica, a large number of plots are available, measuring from 2,000 m3 up to 10,000 m3, while their position allows uniting individual units in accordance with the needs of the investor. The entire zone is situated on 106 hectares of land. 25 hectares represent land already built on, while another 45 hectares are still available for building. Currently, 25 companies, employing 220 people, operate in the Business Zone TRIS. All new buildings have large plan and vertical gauges, and are intended for business and industrial activities. All buildings have very pleasant surroundings. A parking space for trucks can be found at the entry into the zone. The Business Zone is well-equipped with the infrastructure, as the basic public utility, energy and telecommunication conduits run along the main road.


  • Manucipality Črnomelj, Trg  svobode 3, 8340 Črnomelj

T:     + 386 7 30 61 130



  • TRIS Kanižarica, Kanižarica 41, 8340 Črnomelj

T:     +386 7 30 56 100



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