Business zones in Bela krajina

The Bela Krajina region at the south-east of Slovenia stretches along the Slovenian-Croatian border with favourable state of environment and offers high quality living potential. It is partly a flat country, suitable for agriculture, interrupted by rolling hills which are covered with vineyards and forests. Bela Krajina along with the River Kolpa, European Destination of Excellence 2010, gives plenty of opportunities for sport and tourism investments.


-          Area: 596 sq km

-          Population (June 2011): 26,995

-          Density of population per sq km(January 2011): 48.9

-          Number of companies (December 2010): 1,245

-          Economically active population (July 2011): 10,900

-          Unemployment rate (July 2011): 15.3 %

-          Average monthly gross wage (June 2011): EUR 1255.63


Bela Krajina has the population of 27,000.  Črnomelj (6,000 inhabitants) with general and vocational-technical upper secondary school, Metlika (3,500 inhabitants) and Semič (1,500 inhabitants) are the largest towns and have enterprise zones. A high percentage of population is skilled in technical operations, since there has been a long tradition of textile, mechanical, metal-working and other industry in the region. A rather considerable unemployment rate offers substantial supply of quality workforce. Among unemployed workers, approximately 1,100 have primary education, 750 secondary and 100 have higher education (August 2011). Approximately 1,400 inhabitants of Bela Krajina are students and on yearly basis there are around 200 graduates.   

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